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Travelling abroad? Passport / Visa Health Requirements Destination Info
Get the essential information you need, such as:

If you’re travelling to a country for any length of time it’s important to get the latest information about visa requirements.

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Facts about dozens of travel-related ailments, including in-depth information on travel vaccines.

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Information on Cities Worldwide - General information about your destination city including capital city, language spoken, time zone, activities, culture, what to see, where to stay, etc.

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Airport Info Time Zones Weather Subway Maps
Worldwide Airport Information - General Information about major international airports including address, location, phone numbers, terminal information, maps, driving directions and many more.

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Worldwide Time Zone Clock for all your travel planning and itinerary scheduling

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Worldwide Weather Information - Check your departure and arrival destionation weather.

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Maps of Subways Worldwide

Search and print maps of subways around the world.

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Currencies Conversion What you can pack Tips for a better flight
Worldwide currency conversion with up-to-date exhchange rates.


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Convert area, length, temperature, volume and weight

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Permitted and non permitted items are regulated by Transport Canada. Items such as pointed scissors and ice skates are examples of articles that are not permitted in your carry-on baggage.

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A few handy tips that should be read to ensure that your trip will be as carefree and as stressless as possible.

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Baggage Allowance Pardon Services Canada    
Please use the links provided here to connect directly to the checked baggage information page of each airline. Always verify the airline baggage information shortly before your trip for the most up-to-date details.

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Pardon Services Canada has successfully assisted over 100,000 Canadians to overcome the obstacles of a criminal record and live a record free life since inception in 1989.

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